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Chromatographic Techniques

Course code 305


  • To equip advanced students with an advanced understanding of chromatographic techniques for chemical/biological sample analysis. The course intends to aid students to utilize chromatography for analytical and bioanalytical problem solving.
  • This course also involves developing a project proposal using chromatographic techniques and mass spectrometry (course code 304). Students are encouraged to take both the courses together for maximum benefit and appreciation.

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of “Fundamentals of analytical chemistry” or “Advanced Analytical Chemistry” or some level of demonstrated practical experience in broad analytical areas.

Class requirements: This will be a rigorous course at an intermediate to advanced level and the students will be expected to spend considerable amount of time reading and using chromatographic/mass spectral instrumentation. Students will ultimately work as a team on developing a proposal idea(s) using the class as a forum. Fundamental aspects of analysis including quantitative analysis will not be covered and the students will be expected to take off from where the 200 level analytical chemistry course ends. Continuous evaluation will be based on short quizzes, assignments, term papers, presentations and successful project conceptualization as well as proposal completion.

Duration: 13 weeks (2 Lecture hours a week)

Course content:

General concepts in column chromatography (Band broadening, resolution, theories of chromatography), Gas chromatography (Column in GC, GC instrumentation, GC detectors), Liquid chromatography ( Retention mechanisms in LC, Method development, LC instrumentation and pumps, LC detectors, hyphenated techniques), Supercritical fluid chromatography, electromigration techniques, preparative chromatography, chiral separations. Student presentations, class/group project, practical session(s), demonstration and tour of a few instrumental facilities.

 Reference materials:

  1. The essence of chromatography by Colin Poole
  2. Chromed series by R.P.W. Scott: (E-books can be downloaded from Students are encouraged to read other general interest articles on this website.

 Evaluation and Grades: As per AcSIR guidelines