This site aims to eventually provide a resource covering various applications of laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry (LDI MS).

The site is maintained by Venkat Panchagnula and Avinash Ghanate at the CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune India. Currently, this site also serves as our group home page. 

Our research interests are in the broad areas of bioanalysis, metabolomics, pesticide residue and food contaminant analysis, and surface chemistry. The content on this site is clearly biased towards these areas and with  some information for the analytical chemistry / basic MS courses I had taught in the past. 

Any content contributions in other areas are welcome and will be duly acknowledged (protein / peptide / oligonucleotides / glycans/ polymers / imaging / other direct MS approaches). Please email "admin at ldi-ms dot com".

If and when the content increases to a significant / substantial extent, which I hope will happen soon, the Panchagnula group specific content will be migrated to a smaller corner of this domain.

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Disclaimer: This is an unofficial webpage of the group and is intended for academic use. NCL webpages can be reached at: (Academic site), (Business site)

('Rangoli' art on mosaic floor depicting LDI MS created by Ajeet Singh)

We are also quite enthusiastic in taking our experiences from the lab into the market for societal benefit. Barefeet Analytics is a spin off that was started by the Panchagnula group alumni to address the analytical needs in pesticide and food contaminant analysis. For more details about Barefeet Analytics, please see