Offers qualitative and quantitative analysis of MALDI MS spectral data in high-throughput manner. User-friendly interface with an array of configurable features for providing accurate and efficient analysis.

Features included are as follows:
  • Isotopic abundance based predictions of compound using MALDI MS spectra
  • Generation of calibration model from mixture of analytes
  • Determination of concentration of analytes in complex sample
  • Quantitation based on proton or cation adducts (e.g. M+H, M+Na, M+K, M+Li etc.)
  • Instrument independent input data (both ASCII and mzXML format supported)
  • Additional features like Spectrum viewer, calibration plot viewer and statistical analysis of unknown predictions included
  • JAVA based package, so end user systems' OS independent (supports for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X)

Avinash Ghanate

Download link:
Click here for downloading current stable academic version of software.

Screenshots of MQ
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  • Spectrum visualization
Spectrum visualization module

  • Database search module
Database search module

  • Quantitative models based on spectral intensity
Calibration plot

  • Natural Isotopic abundance profile
Natural Isotopic abundance profile

  • Relative quantitation
Relative Quantitation module

  • PCA score plot for set of spectra
PCA score plot